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'in between daydreams' was installed in the Ministry of Casual Living Window Gallery (Victoria, BC) in September 2021.

Growing up, my mom would doodle on scrap paper while she chatted on the phone. I would doodle in the margins of my notepad during class. Assignments would come back with stickers for a job well done. Glittery, girlish stickers would adorn my bedroom vanity mirror and the backseat car windows. This piece relays these scraps, mementos, and markers for a mind in other places in the form of laser etched acrylic panel. Like apparitions, these motifs shift in perceptibility depending on the environmental light, which causes the strength of the shadows they cast to continually change. Imagery of howling hounds, butterflies, flowers, scribbles and squiggles feature prominently, pointing to a whimsical, ephemeral and escapist vision for a childhood me (and a younger you, too?).